Innovative Servicess

Innovative Services is a 2016-born company, yet with thirty plus years of experience on the market by its founder, which contributed with his knowledge into giving birth to this new working market reality, with absolute faith in the offered service, based on quality and competitive costs.

June 7, 2019

CV screening

Innovative Services knows how important competence is in building sites, immediately choosing to select, among many candidates, those having the best qualities. This is how the […]
February 11, 2019

Coordinating the work of the selection team

The work of selection of personnel, but also the planning of courses and participation in trial periods must take place following specific rules which will allow […]
February 11, 2019

Drawing up candidate evaluation forms

People belonging to Innovative Services’s human resources are carefully chosen by our team according to the guidelines provided by our managers. During the selection phase, candidates […]

Why us?

  • From planning to execution of work
  • Evaluation and quantification
  • Construction site preparation
  • Workforce choice
  • Documentation envisaged by Law. Decree. 81/08.
  • Respect of delivery times
With the authorization of the Slovak government and in collaboration with Italian experts in the sector:
  • We evaluate the needs of the applicant
  • We select both Italian and foreign work force
  • We present the candidate's dossier to the client
  • We follow the profile during the trial period
  • We follow the hiring and take action to follow the new recruitment of the various courses, provided for by Legislative Decree. 81/08
  • We also deal with the Biagi law
In our archive we have over 300 curriculas of already selected personnel, many of which have already carried on-site tests.
  • Industrial TUBISTS from steel mills, refineries, with excellent ability to read drawings.
  • tig, mig/mag, electrode and continuous wire WELDERS, some with valid license.
  • MECHANICAL maintenance technicians with previous experience.
  • Mechanical MOUNTERS
  • ELECTRICIANS, cablers, excellent reading and drawing skills, coming from important projects
  • Experienced naval operatives (Fincantieri)
  • We supply several important interim workers agencies both in Italy and abroad
  • Sprinkler construction and Geel subcontract mounting (Belgium)
  • SKID prefabrication and I.T.B. s.a. Zille (Belgium) assembly
  • Interim for the MARCEGAGLIA Ferrara tender "10 operators for revision of production lines”
  • A.B.S. Gazoldo degli Ippoliti (UD) Interim 10 operators
  • Beltrame interim steel 10 operators for production line replacement.

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Multi-year experience in the mechanical engineering sector, in the management and organization of resources.