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Innovative Services is a 2016-born company, yet with thirty plus years of experience on the market by its founder, which contributed with his knowledge into giving birth to this new working market reality, with absolute faith in the offered service, based on quality and competitive costs. Innovative Services is an entrepreneurship born in 2016, following a carefully studied project by the founder. The basic idea was to create a company which could become a reference point for those needing support in the construction of buildings's industry, but are not able to find qualified figures or do not have adequate assistance within the working world.

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Although Innovative Services is a very young company, technically better known as a Start Up, its founder can boast thirty years of experience in the business, contributing to the realization of many project thanks to the skills he gained. The pillars on which Innovative Services's activity is based are quality of services and competitive costs, but also complete assistance, transparency, ability to hit the target always and in any case. Innovative Services starts from a strategy which unites services offered and the way the company works. It starts with a consistent evaluation of both the project and the needs of customers, reaching out to us for the planning of a product / service. All of this is tailored around the customer's needs, considering expectations, necessities, legislation of the country where the work will take place, to ensure that each service is in compliance with the sector's regulations. Finally the contract with the customer is stipulated, which may include several activities: besides finding ad-hoc personalities, provided directly by Innovative Services, it is possible to choose for year-after-year maintenance, in order to guarantee future support. Innovative Services are implemented thanks to their use of the best available resources on the market: these will improve the company's staff, which is currently formed by skilled technicians, collaborators, professional figures of the highest levels. The final result will be the highest possible quality of all works created by the firm, besides the certainty of knowing that the company fully complies with the law. A peculiarity of Innovative Services is its constant attention to innovations within the world of construction, and a tendency of always staying up-to-date with all laws concerning work, environment and constructions. This is proved by the particular attention towards site workers, towards the continuous training of our collaborators and a statistic not all firms can boast: working injuries amount to zero.

Innovative Services operates in compliance with these steps, allowing you to continuously monitor all the phases that make up each service provided. For example:
- in the provision of contracts and subcontracts
• we take care of the planning as well as the execution of the work;
• we evaluate and quantify every aspect of the work;
• we set up the work sites in compliance with all laws on safety at work;
• we choose the best workforce;
• we provide documentation on security issues;
• we respect delivery times agreed with the customer.
Regarding selection of personnel, thanks to the authorization of the Slovak government and in collaboration with Italian professionals;
• we analyze customer needs;
• we choose the workforce by drawing on both Italian and foreign resources with the most appropriate requirements;
• we cooperate with the client in selecting the best candidate;
• we submit the candidate to a trial period;
• we take care of the recruitment and updating of the workforce's skills.

Concerning the workforce, we have a resource of over 300 curricula vitae of previously selected personnel, each with on-site experiences and refresher courses. Innovative Services has:
• industrial tubers who have worked in refineries, steel plants, and are able to design plants;
• welders of tig, electrode, mig and mag, as well as continuous wire. Many of them have a valid license in Italy;
• mechanical maintenance personnel with years of work in the industry behind them, to which are added mechanical assemblers, and cable installers with excellent design reading skills;
• cabling electricians, experts in the design, construction and maintenance of electrical systems including industrial;
• former Fincantieri naval workers.

The strategy is to put the needs of the customer at the center of each project, collaborating with him in the design and creation of a product/service which best meets his needs, and help him in its maintenance over the years. All our productions are made using the best resources available on the market. Thanks to a qualified technical staff, and to the great experience of our collaborators, we are able to guarantee in each occasion a high level of quality and reliability of our works. Our company is always attentive to the world of innovation, to provide you in every situation the best solution that matches your specific needs. With particular attention to the safety of the workers at the building sites, we respect not only the company's directives, but we strive to train each unit, with this system the number of accidents at work is zero.