Coordinating the work of the selection team

The work of selection of personnel, but also the planning of courses and participation in trial periods must take place following specific rules which will allow to evaluate each candidate. Innovative Services employs qualified personnel who are part of the selection team. The recruiter personnel acts according to the guidelines provided by the company: the aim will be to proceed according to a precise scheme to select the best candidates for the construction sites.
Innovative Services’s recruitment team is coordinated by our managers, stating the rules behind the selection. Therefore each recruiter bases his/her activity on a scheme that includes not only the profiles to be selected, but also the regulations to be taken into account when selecting the personnel. Working both in Italy and abroad, it becomes important to know the laws of the sector for a careful selection which is in line with the law.
This is how Innovative Services guarantees reliability, transparency and success of every project to its partners, fulfilling the expectations and needs of all clients.