Drawing up candidate evaluation forms

People belonging to Innovative Services’s human resources are carefully chosen by our team according to the guidelines provided by our managers. During the selection phase, candidates are evaluated based on numerous criteria, and following the analysis on CV’s and experiences, an evaluation is assigned. The recruiter team then draws up a candidate evaluation form which will be submitted to our clients in the appropriate offices. Each card will contain:
– the personal data of the candidate;
– the skills evidenced by educational qualifications and training courses;
– previous experience certified by origin companies;
– availability for transfers;
– any transversal skills useful for the client company.
The drafting of evaluation forms has a twofold objective, to speed up the selection of the personnel and to optimize the phase before each client. The cards are then enclosed in an electronic database, optimized for job categories, and are submitted to our client during the definition phase of the project. The suitable candidate is then contacted for the stipulation of a work contract according to the laws of the country in which the project will take place.