Training and updating courses

Innovative Services has thirty years of experience in the field of construction and metalwork sector, thanks to the skills of its founder, the manager and CEO of the Start Up. The experience in the sector has led to a single awareness, belonging to the philosophy with which the company operates: innovation and training are the basis of every aspect of life. Even that of work if you think about the technological innovations made over the years. For this reason, Innovative Services has a futuristic approach in the selection of candidates and the collaborations with customers, reverberating in the design of training and refresher courses for the company’s human resources. That is why every candidate for Innovative Services is invited to take part in training and refresher courses, to enrich their curriculum vitae and offer the right skills. The result will be to offering qualified technicians, equipped with a valid license in Italy, operating in full compliance with the laws and according to the needs of the client.
Innovative Services therefore guarantees qualified personnel for procurement and subcontracting, offering out refresher and training courses in the metalworking field for human resources required by companies.